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What We Do

OK! So you need something that needs to fit, match, is wider, longer, taller or deeper. Needs to hold all of your equipment and hide the wires as well.

We're the company that does all of this for you. We listen, understand, fabricate, and install on time, and per spec.

We specialize in understanding materials... Wood, stone, metal and fabrics. We have over 30 years of experience in architectural woodworking producing for discerning interior architects and builders. We can fabricate for you... Feel free to call or email us with your needs and we will get started for you right now.

We Listen. We understand.

(312) 623-5533

How We Do It

Send us your drawings, your pictures, your sketches… OR just Call us and we will come to you to fully understand your needs.

The "law of the farm" as we say goes as follows... We take the time to understand what you need. We can start with a submitted picture or sketch, start from an example, or perform an onsite consultation. We will observe, listen, draw and with creativity move forward to price your job, no matter if is one piece or multiple floors.

Pricing and terms will be submitted to you quickly






About Spec Built Inc.

Mike Guinta started Spec Built to help Architects, Interior designers, business owners and detail orientated Homeowners with the fabrication of their woodworking needs. In being part of teams that delivered and installed large scale projects over the last 25 years, Mike saw a need to bring the large scale production and fabrication procedures to clients that had smaller projects. Material quality, technical tools, and cutting edge techniques keep small shops from being able to produce the same quality results as large firms. In addition, Large scale Woodworking companys have little patience for smaller projects.

Mike's expertise brings these large scale production efficiencies to the smaller projects (which have no less importance than the big projects). Spec Built delivers leading edge quality in the fabrication and finishing of these smaller projects by offering access to the equipment, premium materials, hardware and finishing... a value !

Other Services

  • Professional courtesy to Interior Architects, Interior designers and General Contractors
  • Mock ups for scale and understanding of what a design/material will actually look like
  • Touch Up services / " Off Hour " elevator & lobby refurbishments
  • Custom Moldings and matching of old historic carvings


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